Electric Knife Sharpener Machine Buyer’s Guide

Don’t let the search for the best Electric Knife Sharpener Machine in India take up all your time. We’ve scoured the market and compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 products that offer the best features and value. You can trust our research and analysis to make an informed decision.

Best 10 Electric Knife Sharpener Machine in India

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Best Electric Knife Sharpener Machine to buy online In India

Here are the top-rated Electric Knife Sharpener Machine with a detailed review of each product.

Suprhome Electric Knife Sharpener | 2 Stage | Diamond Coated Wheels | Sharp & Clean Knife | Increases Life


  1. The SuprHome Electric Knife Sharpener comes with a 1 year warranty period.
  2. It is fully electric with 40 WATTS power, saving time and energy.
  3. It can be used to sharpen and clean all kinds of knives, including kitchen knife, fillet knife, chef’s knife, and serrated knife.
  4. It has two stages of sharpening, the first to remove any dull and non-aligned metal from the blade and the second to make it sharper and edgier.
  5. It is fully automatic, avoiding any cuts and bruises that may occur with manual machines.
  6. It has a magnetic shaving catcher inside that collects all the unwanted material removed from the blade, which can be easily removed and dusted with a cloth.
  7. It has two slots for both stages of cleaning that have a perfect angle to insert the knife and can be sharpened without having to adjust it.
  8. It is manufactured by PH91 Consumer Goods India Pvt. Ltd., and is made of stainless steel.

Kai Seki Magoroku Sharpener


  1. The Kai Seki Magoroku Diamond and Ceramic Sharpener (AP-0308) is perfect for sharpening hard types of steel, with a two-sided grind in three phases.
  2. The first slot contains two small diamond sharpening stones with a grain size of 270, making it relatively coarse and perfect for the first sharpening phase to restore a blunt edge.
  3. Step two is the ceramic sharpening wheel with a grain size of 150, which is coarser than the diamond stones but with a less aggressive function.
  4. Step three uses two ceramic sharpening steels with a grain size of 1000, perfect for polishing the edge.
  5. The sharpener has a stylish and solid design and is easy to take with you. It also comes with a transparent plastic cover to keep dust and dirt away when not in use.
  6. The handle of the sharpener is the casing, providing optimal stability while sharpening.
  7. The sharpener is manufactured by Kai in Japan, and has an item model number of AP 0308, an ASIN of B0061WZ7A4, a material of ceramic and diamond, a colour of black and white, product dimensions of 13.8L x 5.1W x 5.7H Centimeters, and an item weight of 0.21 Pounds.
  8. The sharpener has a coarse grit type, making it perfect for a variety of sharpening needs.

Brand Kai
Manufacturer ‎Kai
Item model number ‎AP-0308
Material Ceramic;Diamond
Item Weight 0.21 Pounds
Country of Origin ‎Japan

Solitude Advanced 3 Stage 3 Slot Knife Sharpener for Ceramic & Steel Knives


  1. The Solitude Advanced Manual 3 Stage 3 Slot Kitchen Knife Sharpener is designed to quickly and easily sharpen ceramic, stainless steel, and tungsten steel knives.
  2. It features a 3-step sharpening system with a middle diamond sharpening slot to repair and straighten damaged blades, a first slot to sharpen and restore the V-shape, and a third slot to fine-tune and polish.
  3. The knife sharpener is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel and ABS plastic, and its non-slip rubber base helps keep it in place while sharpening.
  4. It also has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip, and its detachable blades section makes it easy to clean.
  5. This knife sharpener is an ideal tool for quickly and easily sharpening blunt knives right at home.

ZHART Professional Knife Sharpener CSSC109


  1. The ZHART Professional Knife Sharpener is a dual sided combination whetstone made from highly durable silicon carbide, with grit 240 on one side and grit 800 on the other.
  2. The sharpener can restore the sharpness of dull knives and damaged/battered tools and blades, allowing for faster cutting and easier food preparation, while minimizing fatigue and reducing stress on the wrist, hands, and arms.
  3. The sharpener can be used to re-profile edges or repair any dull blade, including kitchen knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, scissors, chisels, stainless steel, carbon steel, carving and gardening tools, and even swords.
  4. Sharp knives are more predictable and easier to control, making food preparation faster and more enjoyable. A dull knife can slow you down and easily spoil the food.
  5. The sharpener is easy to use and clean – just soak in tap water for 5 minutes and it’s ready for use. After use, simply rinse in water to remove any oil or residue from the stone.

Brand zhart
Manufacturer ‎zhart
Item model number ‎CSSC109
Item Weight 300 Grams
Country of Origin ‎India

Scrubbing Knife Sharpener 3 Stage Tool Advanced for Kitchen Knives Sharpening Steel


  1. The Scrubbing® Knife Sharpener Manual 3 Stage Knife Sharpener Tool is a 3 step knife sharpening system that repairs and straightens damaged blades before restoring its V shape.
  2. It is made of plastic and features a coarse grit type.
  3. The package includes 1 x kitchen knife sharpener and measures 10L x 7.5W x 4.5H Centimeters.
  4. It is manufactured by Jainone hub,Delhi and is made in India.
  5. The knife sharpener is easy to use and is suitable for all types of knives, including steel knives.
  6. It is a great tool for keeping your knives sharp and in top condition.
  7. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use, and the non-slip base ensures it stays in place while sharpening.
  8. The Scrubbing® Knife Sharpener Manual 3 Stage Knife Sharpener Tool is a must-have for any kitchen.

Xariya Professional 3 Stage Knife & Scissor Sharpener


  1. Xariya Knife Sharpener Tool for Kitchen is easy to use – just push down the knives with a certain strength, pull from its base to the tip, and after just a few seconds even old blunt knives are as good as new.
  2. This professional knife sharpener is designed with 3 stage sharpening system specially for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.
  3. The handle is ergonomically shaped with Rubber anti slip base, for maximum grip and ensures ultimate stability and safety. Suitable for both left and right handed users.
  4. The grinding position is made of tungsten steel, high hardness ceramics and solid ABS plastic, ensuring long term use.
  5. The package includes 1 x Knife sharpener, made in China, with a product dimension of 21L x 5.5W x 5H Centimeters and a grit type of fine.

INOVERA 3 Stage Knife Sharpener


  1. The INOVERA Kitchen Manual Knife Sharpener 3 Stage Knives Repair Sharpening Tool is made from high quality plastic with metal and ceramic fillings.
  2. It features an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and a non slip rubber base to keep the sharpener in place.
  3. It has 3 stages of sharpening: fine, coarse, and ceramic, for various shapes and materials of different knives.
  4. It is suitable for both ceramic and metal knives, making it ideal for the home chef.
  5. It is not suitable for serrated knives or scissors.
  6. The package includes 1 x Knife Sharpener, with a size of 20L x 4.75B x 7.5H cm and a weight of 110 grams.
  7. The device is not dishwasher safe and it is recommended that a banister brush be used to clean the ceramic and metal fillings.
  8. It is recommended to use the sharpener once a week to keep knives always cutting like new.
  9. Keep out of reach of children.

Dhruheer Motorized Knife Sharpener, Kitchen Tools, Green


  1. The Dhruheer Motorized Knife Blade Sharpener is a cordless, motorized sharpener that runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).
  2. It is ideal for sharpening chef knives, carving knives, bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, filet knives, cheese knives, choppers, cleavers, scissors, precision tools and more.
  3. The sharpener features a built-in guide to hold blades at the perfect angle and a professional grade mineral sharpening wheel and two-stage system to restore a razor sharp edge in just seconds.
  4. It is easy to use – just press the power button, insert the blade in the guide and slide.
  5. The high speed rotating sharpening stone automatically shapes and hones the blade to perfection.
  6. This sleek countertop unit works fast and comes with a built-in catch tray to collect any metal shavings.
  7. It is suitable for all types of knives, whether smooth or serrated, and can also be used on scissors, small hand tools and hedge clippers.
  8. The Dhruheer Motorized Knife Blade Sharpener is a great addition to any kitchen, and will make sharpening knives and other tools a breeze.

Wolpin 4-in-1 Knife Sharpener


  1. The Wolpin 4-in-1 Knife Sharpener Kitchen is designed to help repair, restore, and polish blades of knives and scissors.
  2. It comes with a non-slip rubber base to ensure a secure grip and prevent slipping during use.
  3. It is ergonomically designed for easy handling and use.
  4. To sharpen a knife or scissors, simply place the blade in the sharpening notch and gently pull the knife through a few times.
  5. It is made of ceramic and is suitable for sharpening stainless steel and tungsten steel blades.
  6. It is small and practical, making it easy to store and transport.
  7. With the Wolpin 4-in-1 Knife Sharpener Kitchen, you can quickly and easily restore your blunt knives to their original sharpness.

Zuvexa 3 Slot Knife Sharpener Professional Kitchen Chef with 3 Stage Design Stainless & Tungsten Steel


  1. This professional kitchen knife sharpener is designed with a black style to effectively restore the sharpness of kitchen knives, fruit knives, slicing knives, chef’s knives, scissors and other knives quickly.
  2. The knife sharpening kit is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, which are durable and have a long service life, and can fully withstand the pressure generated during sharpening.
  3. This knife and scissors sharpener can easily and quickly repair and keep the knives sharp. Just place the blunt blade on the slots, gently pull the blade a few times to restore the original shape, and enjoy the sharpness in just a few seconds.
  4. The 3 sharpening slots are made of ceramic rod, tungsten steel blade and diamond rod, which can provide a sharp and durable edge.
  5. The ergonomic handle allows for an easy, soft grip while you sharpen; easy enough for even first timers to use, but effective enough for professional chefs.
  6. Manufactured by Zuvexa, this knife sharpener is made in India and has a product model number of New. It has a product dimension of 9L x 9W x 3H Centimeters and weighs 250 Grams.

Brand Zuvexa
Manufacturer ‎Zuvexa
Item model number ‎New
Material Stainless Steel
Item Weight 250 Grams
Country of Origin ‎India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs and their answers. Feel free to comment below if you would like to know more from us.

  1. Which is the best Electric Knife Sharpener Machine in India?

    Suprhome Electric Knife Sharpener Tool 2Stage Sharpening Used for Different Knives Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheels Tool for Sharp and Clean Knife Increases Life of Knife

  2. What are the popular Electric Knife Sharpener Machine brands in India?

    Suprhome Electric, Kai Seki, Solitude Advanced, ZHART Professional, Scrubbing Knife

  3. What are the top budget-friendly Electric Knife Sharpener Machine available online?

    Two budget-friendly options for electric knife sharpener machine available online are the Kai Seki Magoroku Diamond and Ceramic Sharpener (AP0308) and the Solitude Advanced Manual 3 Stage 3 Slot Kitchen Knife Sharpener for Ceramic Knife and Stainless Steel & Tungsten Steel Knives (Black).

  4. Where to buy Electric Knife Sharpener Machine online?

    You can purchase the top Electric Knife Sharpener Machine from the amazon online store.

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