10 Best Safety Helmet with Face Shield in India

Looking for a high-quality Safety Helmet with Face Shield in India? Look no further than our list of the top 10 models. Our team has evaluated each product to ensure you get the best features, value, and performance for your money.

Best 10 Safety Helmet with Face Shield in India

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Best Safety Helmet with Face Shield to buy online In India

Here are the top-rated Safety Helmet with Face Shield with a detailed review of each product.

Steelbird Polycarbonate Helmet Visor Face Shield with 180° Safety Coverage


  1. This Steelbird Polycarbonate Reusable Helmet Visor Face Shield provides 180 degree safety coverage and is perfect for unisex use.
  2. It is made of unbreakable polycarbonate and is PU foamed for comfort, covered with soft fabric.
  3. The face shield is adjustable in size and is washable, making it reusable multiple times.
  4. It is manufactured by 3 Generation and is designed to be used for cycling.
  5. The product dimensions are 10 x 5 x 3 cm and it weighs 1.85 kilograms.
  6. It is designed with a special feature of unbreakable polycarbonate shield, PU foamed for comfort covered with soft fabric and is washable and hence, can be used multiple times.
  7. This Steelbird Polycarbonate Reusable Helmet Visor Face Shield is a perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and durable face shield.

Brand ‎Steelbird
Manufacturer ‎3 Generation
Item model number ‎SB-43-FLIP-UP
Material ‎Polycarbonate
Item Weight ‎1 kg 850 g
Country of Origin ‎India

ANSI Approved Forestry Hard Hat with Mesh Face Shield, Ear Muffs 3-in-1 Protection System


  1. Forestry Safety Helmet Chainsaw Helmet with Mesh Face Shield and Ear Muffs 3 in 1 Protection System provides dynamic protection for any job.
  2. Adjustable 6 point suspension system for improved shock absorption and overall comfort, adjustable size fits all from 53 63cm/ 20.86 24.80 inch.
  3. Sliding vent holes allow easy opening and closing based on weather conditions, one handed adjustment design allows workers to modify fit without removing work helmet.
  4. Orange color and Hi Viz design on the front rear and sides of the helmet allows the user increased visibility under low light conditions.
  5. 25 dB NRR earmuffs help block out tool and engine sound noise for hearing protection, replaceable egyptian cotton core sweatband with porous coating for maximum sweat absorption.
  6. Universal slots design ensures that safety hardhats to install attachments, comfortable and convenient chinstrap with molded chin cup for extra security and stability.
  7. GREEN DEVIL vented forestry helmet kit is made for professional forestry type work, provides the protection you need when you are working in mowing,chain sawing,hedge trimmers,shrub trimmers,bush cutters that require face,ear, eye and head protection while you work.
  8. Constructed with heavy duty, impact resistant materials that provide long service life and protection, meets ANSI Z89.1 2014 standards and is CE approved for highest.

VENUS H 2000 ISI Certified Safety Helmet Ratchet Adjustment with Chin Strap, Head Protection for Outdoor Work


  1. The VENUS H-2000 Series ISI Certified Industrial Safety Helmet is made of lightweight, high-density polyethylene shell for maximum protection.
  2. It features side slots for fitting face, hearing protection accessories and adjustable chin strap for a secure fit.
  3. The ratchet type adjustment allows the helmet to fit most head sizes and the non-irritant, soft fabric head band provides maximum comfort.
  4. The four-point attachment cradle within the shell has an angular placement to provide optimum shock absorption.
  5. The helmet is designed to provide protection in high-risk environments such as construction sites, industries, and workshops.
  6. It comes with a ratchet type adjustment for extra comfort and a better grip.

Robustt X Shree JEE Safety Helmet Ratchet Adjustment, Outdoor Work Head Safety Hat with Sweat Band


  1. Robustt X Shree JEE Safety Helmet is made with a replaceable cradle and sweat band to keep your head protected and dry.
  2. The shell has six ventilation slots to keep your head cool in hot environments.
  3. It features a ratchet type adjustment for extra comfort and a better grip.
  4. It is made As per ISI Standards and is ideal for use in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured from falling objects or when working in areas of restricted head space.
  5. It not only protects the user, but also helps save their family from trauma and the industry from Loss time accidents caused by accidents.

Brand ‎Robustt
Manufacturer ‎Shree jee cable industries
Material ‎Polyvinyl chloride
Included Components ‎Helmets
Item Weight ‎326 Grams
Country of Origin ‎India

SAFEYEAR Forestry Hard Hat with 4 Point Ratchet Suspension, Ear Muffs, Face Shield Visor & Neck Shade


  1. The SAFEYEAR Forestry Hard Hat is made from high density original ABS material, providing impact absorption up to 500kg for head protection.
  2. It is designed with 5 reflective strips, keeping you visible in dark construction working sites for head safety.
  3. It is equipped with adjustable ear muffs (23db Noise isolation EN352 3) & face visor, neck shade, protecting you from noise & flying debris & sunburn.
  4. It comes with durable chin strap & adjustable ratchet knob, making the hard hat more tight fit in your head, reducing the possibility of safety helmet falling.
  5. It is suitable for both men and women ladies, and great for forestry work, chainsaw work construction, electrician, builder, gardeners, industry, etc.
  6. SAFEYEAR Work Safety Hard Hat is the better one on the market, providing you with a full range of protection and refusing the possibility of injury.

Manufacturer ‎SAFEYEAR
Item model number ‎M-5009OR
Material ‎ABS
Item Weight ‎0.8 Kilograms
Country of Origin ‎USA

Black+Decker Welding Helmet


  1. The Black+Decker full face welding helmet (BXWP0821IN) is designed with a flip front window that the user can choose to open when not performing an operation, with a size of 3.93 inches (100mm) x 2.95 inches(75mm).
  2. The protective lens is made of a clear high impact resistant polycarbonate for increased protection and is tested against EN 175 & EN 16
  3. The head band has 4 adjustment positions and anti sweat padding for a comfortable fit.
  4. The shell can be adjusted to a suitable height for better fitment.
  5. The operating range is 50 C to 800 C and is tested for electrical insulation.
  6. The ratchet adjustment allows for easy harness adjustment.
  7. The helmet is made of polypropylene and high strength nylon for durability.
  8. The item weight is 0.48 g and the product dimensions are 32 x 28 x 20 cm.

Brand ‎Black + Decker
Manufacturer ‎Karam Industries
Item model number ‎BXWP0821IN
Material ‎Shell: Polypropylene, Lens:High Impact Resistant and Ratchet Headgea: High Strength Nylon
Included Components ‎Welding And Face Shield
Item Weight ‎0.48 Grams
Country of Origin ‎India

Shinmax Bike Helmet, Cycling/Climbing Helmet with Removable Shield Visor/LED Light for Men & Women


  1. Made of high density imported PC shell and EPS Foam with in molding technology for maximum protection from external impact.
  2. LED rear back light with 3 different lighting modes for improved visibility and safety at night or in darkness.
  3. Detachable magnetic goggles shield with UV400 protection to block strong ultraviolet light and protect eyes against wind and sand.
  4. Adjustable system to fit head size from 22.44 to 24.41inch(57 62cm) for most men and women users.
  5. Special aerodynamic design with 28 breathable vents to reduce air resistance and cool the head when riding.
  6. Lightweight at 0.56 0.58lbs with adjustable chin straps for comfortable wearing experience.

Brand ‎Shinmax
Manufacturer ‎Shinmax
Model Name ‎HT-19
Included Components ‎Goggles, Backpack, Bike helmet, LED light, Instruction
Item Weight ‎0.6 Pounds
Country of Origin ‎USA

O2 Star Leather Unisex Open Face Helmet with Visor & Strap for Bike Scooty Ride


  1. The O2 Star Leather Unisex Open Face Helmet is designed with meticulous care to provide utmost safety and protection in case of any unfortunate accident.
  2. It is equipped with a scratch-resistant transparent visor made of polycarbonate material that offers perfect visibility and safety in all environmental conditions.
  3. The helmet is comfortable to wear with the firm padding inside that is also capable of absorbing different shocks.
  4. It comes with a double strength chin strap that has a quick release adjustable buckle, enabling it to fit any head size or shape and to wear it conveniently.
  5. It also features a loop at the side that lets you connect this helmet securely with a cable helmet lock, ensuring air circulation and fresh air all the time.
  6. This stylish and lightweight helmet is perfect for bike riders and empowers them to enjoy off road riding, mountain driving, etc.

DARIT Hard Hat, Ratchet Suspension


  1. The DARIT Full Brim Hard Hat Safety Helmet is made from ABS thermoplastic resin, which is ultra lightweight and provides superior hardness, gloss, toughness, and electrical insulation properties.
  2. It features an adjustable harness with points that allow you to adjust the harness forward and backward for a customized fit.
  3. The low profile of the helmet allows for a more natural, comfortable, and secure fit that sits lower on the crown of your head and provides more coverage than a higher profile sitting hard hat.
  4. The full brim provides additional protection against sun, glare, rain, and falling debris.
  5. The helmet is equipped with a vented pressure pad, replaceable and washable sweatband, and adjustable, padded swinging rear suspension for ultimate comfort and a secure fit.

Karam PN521 Safety Helmet Ratchet Type with Plastic Cradle


  1. The Karam PN521(STAR BLUE) ISI marked Safety Helmet Ratchet Type with Plastic Cradle is designed for optimum shock absorption and enhanced strength.
  2. It features triple corrugation for increased durability and slide slots for fitting face and hearing protection accessories.
  3. The adjustable ratchet and chin strap with non-irritant headband ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
  4. This helmet is certified by IS: 2925:1984 and DGMS, and is manufactured by Karam Industries in India.
  5. It has a universal size, and is made of polymer material with a star blue colour.
  6. The item weight is 300 grams, and the product dimensions are 28.2 x 22 x 17 cm.
  7. The helmet comes with no batteries included.

Brand ‎Karam
Manufacturer ‎Karam Industries
Item model number ‎PN521(STAR BLUE)
Material ‎Polymer
Included Components ‎Helmet
Item Weight ‎300 Grams
Country of Origin ‎India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs and their answers. Feel free to comment below if you would like to know more from us.

  1. Which is the best Safety Helmet with Face Shield in India?

    Steelbird Polycarbonate Resuable Helmet Visor Face Shield with 180 Degree Safety Coverage, AntiScratch Coated Glasses and Clear Face Visor (Black, Without Valve, Pack of 1) for Unisex.

  2. What are the popular Safety Helmet with Face Shield brands in India?

    Steelbird Polycarbonate, Forestry Safety, VENUS H2000, Robustt X, SAFEYEAR Forestry

  3. What are the top budget-friendly Safety Helmet with Face Shield available online?

    Two budget-friendly options for safety helmet with face shield available online are the Forestry Safety Helmet Chainsaw Helmet with Mesh Face Shield and Ear Muffs 3 in 1 Protection System ANSI Approved Forestry Hard Hat for Men & Women Industrial Construction,Chainsaw Protective and the VENUS H2000 Series ISI Certified Industrial Safety Helmet (Pack of 1) Exclusive Ratchet Type Adjustment with Chin Starp, Head Protection for Outdoor Work, Safety Helmet For Men Industrial and Construction (White).

  4. Where to buy Safety Helmet with Face Shield online?

    You can purchase the top Safety Helmet with Face Shield from the amazon online store.

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